Check Out One Of America's Greatest Living Photographers


Alec Soth's 'Gathered Leaves' at the Science Museum is his first prominent exhibition in the UK. 

Since 2004, the year of his Magnum Photos nomination, Minneapolis shooter Alec Soth has captured the people and places that exemplify the fragmented nature of American society. Taken in the less glamorous parts of the country, Soth has met the likes of ice skaters, musicians and monks; individuals chasing their dreams, outsiders getting away from it all, or somewhere in between.

Gathered Leaves, also the title of Soth's new book, is Soth's first prominent UK show. It’s at the Science Museum between 6 October and 28 March, which is also where he will debut his 2012-2014 series Songbook. Head down to the Science Museum to see whether Soth deserves the title of ‘greatest living photographer of American social and geographical landscape.’ 

'Gathered Leaves' runs at the Science Museum, South Kensington Until 28 March 2016