Octagon hosted a party at Generator Paris this weekend


The Octagon skaters were in town to premiere their new video, Perceptiön.

Over the weekend, skateboard hardware company Öctagon rolled into Generator Paris to throw a big party. The skaters were in town to premiere their new high-concept video, Perceptiön, and launch their SS16 collection.

The main thing you need to know about Öctagon is that they aren’t like any other skate brand. Their videos experiment with narrative, stark visual effects, brutalist architecture, black and white cinematography, and deep techno beats. In fact Perceptiön, filmed and edited by Joaquim Bayle, might be the only dystopian skate video ever made. “This one talks about perception, A.I., cyborgs and things like that,” Öctagon tell us.

Cyborgs aren’t really something you associate with skate videos, but Perceptiön tosses the rulebook out of the window. “Skateboarding is sometimes too neutral, too polite. We just want to take it somewhere else,” they explain. And the music went to that same place too. “Because skateboarding is mainly hip-hop and rock, we wanted to bring something new again, and [techno] is just the sort of music we like.”

The show at Generator – which in addition to the premiere of Perceptiön featured an exhibition of skate photography and a DJ set by Coni (Clekclekboom Records, The Trilogy Tapes) – was a window into this alternate universe. The tight-knit crew enjoyed the premiere over a few jars with their friends, and this is how the night went down. In pictures, with a few stills from the film…

Generator Paris Awaits