Eat at Generator.

There’s one thing you’re guaranteed to get anytime you stay with Generator: damn good taste. Some might think it’s odd for us to put so much effort into our restaurants and cafes considering how we’re the first to encourage our visitors to get out and explore all the streetside sensations, little-known gems and local institutions our host cities have to offer. But there’s no contradiction, and there’s no conflict of interest – we know that when you stay at Generator, the good times you have under our roof are as important as your adventures out on the town. After all, we want you to feel at home, and what’s a home without a fully-stocked fridge?

That’s why we make sure that when the hunger hits we’ll be serving flavours as mouth-watering as any you’ll find outside - whether you’ve got a taste for an oven-fresh pizza, cheesy nachos or stacked burgers (or even: oysters, steaks, salmon, etc in some places).

Trust us, we’ve seen the most ardent travel-foodies sink into their seats with satisfaction after discovering the flavours on their doorstep when the hunger comes a-calling. And if you'd like to know more about what makes our venues so unique, here's our Food & Drink guide with detailing articles.

Spend less time on your feet missioning, reviewing, hassling, and take the opportunity to chill out a bit – get to know your new mates from your dorm or the bar, whip out your book or your next episode, and enjoy some serious comfort food. Or at the very least, rest assured that – as always – we’ll be ready for you when you need us most!

Eater Miami

“My best meal by far of 2018 was hands down the Crispy Octopus at The Jim & Neesie!”

Time Out Miami

"Putting a fresh spin on classic oysters is a trademark of Jim & Neesie’s Chef Daniel Roy. Order a dozen or you’ll be left wanting more."


"With so many delicious options it’s easy to keep coming back for more."



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