You might think the nearest beach to berlin is 250+ kilometres away. But Berlin is home to several inner city beach bars.

Yes that’s right, Berlin does have beach bars. These pop up summer bars can be found along the banks of the River Spree and at many of the city's lakes. We’ve put together a list of the ones you have to visit.

Capital Beach

In the centre of Berlin, on the Spree River is Capital beach. Space for up to 800 sun worshipers, this riverside bar would make a great addition to your plans. Situated in spreebogenpark¸ Capital Beach serves hot food and lots of cocktails. Thursday to Sunday its home to DJ’s providing the much needed summer soundtracks. Kicking off from 10:00AM, you can even have brunch there. With passing boats and close proximity to central stations, this is a convenient must visit.


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Club der Visionäre

Okay this one isn’t actually a beach, however the bar is right on the water and some of it floats on it as well. During the day you can top your vitamin D and enjoy some cocktails. After dark you can dance all night long to electro and of course the cocktail will still be there. This rustic looking bar is perfect for a chilled day by the river and if you’re in the mood for dancing and a good bar then it ticks that box too.

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The Strandbar is also situated on the Spree River and is right next to the Monbijou-Theater. It even features real palm trees. Established in 2002 as Berlin’s first beach bar and going strong ever since, they are definitely doing it right. With comfortable beach loungers, exotic cocktails, great food and lots of dancing, there’s no wonder Strandbar made our list. Perfect for relaxing but is also great for partying. Take in the views of the Bode-Museum whilst tucking into some thin crust pizza.

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Charlie’s Bar

Situated right by checkpoint Charlie, it’s just a short walk from Generator. With real sand on the ground, deck chairs and palm trees it makes you feel like you’re at the beach. This inner city tropical paradise is home to a collection of food trucks and of course Charlie’s bar. Serving burgers, tapas, currywurst, ice cream and an endless list of drinks, this would be more than acceptable to end the day in Berlin.

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Dust Yourself Off

Shake off the excess sand, take a shower at Generator and head out to explore the night.