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Explore your Fantasies at the Imagine Film Festival


If you like sci-fi, horror or fantasy then head to the incredible EYE film museum next month.

The Imagine Film Festival – previously known as the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival (AFFF) – is Amsterdam’s premier sci-fi, cult, anime, fantasy and horror film festival. Based at the swanky EYE Film Museum in the heart of the citythe theme of this year’s festival is ‘Building Dreams and Nightmares’. (By the way, visiting the EYE Film Museum's incredible building is an event in-itself!)

This means it looks at how filmmakers use architecture and design to sculpt their own singular worlds. Ben Wheatly's adaption of J.G. Ballard's High-Rise – watch the trailer above and you'll see why it's a perfect choice – is one of many films on show.

But it's not just by screening the films that Imagine will explore ideas, but by putting on lectures, master classes, exhibitions and concerts. Let’s face it: if you love Amsterdam you’ll be camping out in the museum for the duration of the festival.


Catch the 2016 Imagine Film Festival

The 2016 Imagine Film Festival runs 14 April—24 April at EYE Filmmuseum – book your tickets now! To get to there from Generator Amsterdam, you'll need to get the Metro to Amsterdam Centraal then a five-minute ferry to Amsterdam, Veer Buiksloterweg. Ask at reception if you'd like some help planning the journey. 

Header Image: Still from 'The Lure (Corki Dancing)' – Image courtesy of Imagine Film Festival.