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Addicted to DIY - Speaking to Elisah from Interior Junkie


Elisah Jacobs is an Amsterdam-based blogger, photographer and founder of Interior Junkie...

...a website that provides tips and inspiration for interior design. We spoke to her about her motivation to start Interior Junkie and life as an interior designer.

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Elias. I’m a journalist, photographer and the founder of – an interior design blog that focuses on doing it yourself. You can find inspiration for your next redesign or you can just browse because you like interiors!

Why did you start Interior Junkie?
I started the website about four years ago just after I quit my job in fashion: it just didn’t stimulate me enough so I knew I needed to find a new career. At the time I was buying a house with my boyfriend and somehow I assumed responsibility for the interiors – and I got really into it! I remember at the time going to so many DIY stores looking for tools but also inspiration. I searched for interior design blogs as well but I couldn’t find any that posted very often.


After that experience I decided to start my own blog specialising in interiors where I posted content daily. I was also a freelance journalist which is what I did full time, but when Interiors Junkie started to take off, I began to get loads of requests from readers to help them redecorate their homes. I also got quite a few jobs as an interiors photographer that I have been doing a lot lately. Once I started booking jobs, I began building my portfolio.

What inspires you?
I take inspiration from around me, but it’s always been a combination of online, travel and reading. I take inspiration from vintage markets – I love thrift shops. I look at other blogs, read books and, of course, Instagram. I go every year to Milan design week too – if you’re an interior designer it’s the week you can’t miss because all the upcoming trends for next year are showcased here.

What do you think of Amsterdam?
I was born in the East of Holland so I’m 100% Dutch. I’ve always been a city girl, and Amsterdam was the only city within the Netherlands I could see myself living in. I love that everything is open even on Sundays; in the East of Holland everything closes at 5pm and nothing opens on Sundays.

I love the energy of the city, there are always new concepts, coffee bars, restaurants. I love the relaxed vibe of this city; it’s different to others. It’s like a small metropolis, a village but with a city feel. In nine years I’ve built a life here and so I never want to leave…apart from New York or London!

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