Make the most of your stay in Dublin and visit the Jameson’s Experience. Expand your knowledge on the history behind one of Ireland’s most iconic whiskeys. There are 4 different experiences you can go on and Generator offers exclusive discounts for these. The distillery is adjacent to the hostel so you won’t want to miss it.

The Bow St. Experience is a 40 minute fully guided whiskey tasting tour. Discover the process and innovation applied, to create the exceptionally smooth whiskey. Topped off with a whiskey tasting lead by one of the Jameson expert Ambassadors.

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The Whiskey Makers Experience is a 90 minute master class on all things whiskey. The Jameson Ambassador will show how to break down the flavours and detect ingredients. Focussing on Jameson Original, Distiller’s Safe, Cooper’s Croze and Blender’s Dog, which make up the Whiskey Makers series. You then sample whiskey straight from the cask as the tour continues through into the maturation house.

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The Whiskey Shakers Experience is all about Jameson cocktails and what you need to know to perfect them. You’ll be immersed in everything about Jameson whiskeys. The cocktails will be deconstructed and you’ll learn how to mix up some of some of Jameson’s signature cocktails. In this experience you also have the opportunity to taste whiskey straight from the cask in the maturation house.

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In the Whiskey Tasters Experience you’ll be spending 40 minutes tasting some of Jameson’s finest whiskeys. The tasting takes place in JJ’s office, which in its self is full of history. You’ll be taken through the tasting of the whiskeys which include Jameson Original, Jameson Crested, Jameson Distillery Edition and Jameson Black Barrel Cask Strength

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