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Mike Bouchet's At Peres Projects Berlin


Mike Bouchet’s work is hard to pin down. While his projects often deal in subjects as complex and divisive as consumer culture and mass media, the American artist also elects to forgo greater meaning in favour of sheer scale.

It can be tough to look for subtext when you’re confronted by a suburban house sinking in an otherwise placid lake.

At the end of April 2016, Bouchet will be exhibiting his (smaller) work at Peres Projects in Berlin. Although it might not be as eye-catching as some of his outdoor installations, ‘Bounty’ will feature a series of oil paintings representing the slow degradation of all the garbage we humans leave on this earth. Like a house sinking into the lake, I guess.

There’s little other information on the contents of Bounty beyond this, although there will apparently be an enormous glass sculpture placed in the middle of the gallery space. For anyone in Berlin, this is not something to miss.

(Image from Mike Bouchet)