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Reffen - Copenhagen’s Street Food Market


We love exploring the cities we call home through your eyes; in this Insta-round up, we show you how to dine like a king at Copenhagen’s Street food market.

Copenhagen's liveliest street food market - Reffen gives you the best eateries for all types of foodies, without burning a whole in your pocket. With 39 colourful food trucks, containers and stalls preparing food and drinks from scratch, you can have a taste of all parts of the world and still get your hands on some authentic Danish grub.

And with market located on ‘Paper Island” your surrounded by Copenhagen’s beautiful harbour front. So, round up your squad and pig out in front of those all-important sunset views.

So, become the ultimate foodie in Copenhagen and don’t forget to tag us @staygenerator to be included in our next article!

Try and decide


Or you can just have them all


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Then soak up the food  


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