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Bistro Pastis


‘Ha,’ you’re thinking. ‘A French restaurant in Denmark. Ha. Like I’m going to go drop 350 kr on moules frites and a teensy little glass of wine I could get anywhere else.’ Well, friend, you are going to do that and here is why.

  1. Bistro Pastis is delicious. Steaks oozing with butter. Mussels lounging in a bath of white wine and butter. Bread that crisps, pulls, fluffs just like it does in your sweetest dreams… with butter. Oh, god, the butter.
  2. You’ll feel nice being in that room. Like, it’s probably how your parents feel when they get out for dinner and mom has a few too many glasses of rose but it’s okay because everyone else is having a few too many glasses of rose but still looking respectable.
  3. It’s literally less than a block away from your hotel & hostel.