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The Top Viking Attractions in and around Copenhagen

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Glory or Valhalla! 

Copenhagen is, in many ways, a thoroughly modern city, brimming with effortlessly cool bars, restaurants and cafes. But the Danish capital isn’t just the epicentre of Scandi style, it’s also a great place to explore a rather less civilised period in Scandinavian history, when Danes were better known for bloodthirsty pillaging than tasteful furniture. That’s right, we’re talking Vikings, those fearsome, axe-wielding warriors who terrorised Europe in the middle ages.
Of course, much of the mythology surrounding the Vikings is exaggerated. They may have been formidable fighters but the popular image of them as barbaric savages is a bit of a caricature. It turns out they were a relatively civilised bunch, as a visit to some of Copenhagen’s top Viking attractions will reveal.
If you’re at all interested in Viking history Copenhagen is ground zero – you’ll have to head out of town a bit to take in some of the top Viking attractions, but Denmark is pretty small and none of our picks are more than an hour or two away.  

National Museum of Denmark 

Prince's Mansion, Ny Vestergade 10, 1471 København

Slap bang in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark’s Nationalmuseet apparently has first claim on any antiquity unearthed on Danish soil, so it should be first port of call if you’re interested in a thorough exploration of Danish history. Needless to say, the vast collection includes a wealth of Viking artefacts, including tools, weapons, gold jewellery and a collection of runes.   

Photo by Richard Mortel 

The Viking Ship Museum

Vindeboder 12, 4000 Roskilde

The Vikings were skilled and innovative shipbuilders and this fascinating museum in Roskilde, the old capital of Denmark – about 25 minutes from Copenhagen – showcases some stunning examples of their craft. Featuring five original Viking vessels alongside some impressive full-scale reconstructions, The Viking Ship Museum illuminates the Vikings’ mastery of the waves.

Trelleborg Viking fortress

Trelleborg Alle 4, 4200 Slagelse

Denmark’s best-preserved Viking ‘ring fortress’ is situated at Trelleborg near Slagelse on Sealand, about an hour’s drive from Copenhagen. The site features well-preserved ramparts, that date back to the reign of Harald Bluetooth in the 10th Century, as well as a museum and a small settlement, complete with a Viking market.

Viking Villages in Albertslund and Frederikssund

Albertslund: Ledøjevej 35, 2620 Albertslund
Frederikssund: Havnegade 5, 3600 Frederikssund

Two reconstructed Viking villages located just outside Copenhagen, Albertslund and Frederikssund both offer a chance to wander around a historically accurate Viking village and observe the Viking way of life, as lived by a resident community of volunteers.

Lejre Land of Legends

Slangealleen 2, 4320 Lejre

Featuring several reconstructed settlements, Land of Legends offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a painstakingly recreated Viking community, complete with active workshops producing historic handicrafts. This beautiful open-air museum is located in Lejre municipality, a few miles west of Roskilde.


Borgring Viking Fortress (Temporarily Closed)

Ringstedvej 150, 4600 Køge

A relatively recent archaeological discovery, Borgring was the site of a Viking ‘ring fort’ and is thought to have been part of the network of defensive structures built during the reign of Harald Bluetooth at the end of the tenth century.