What is all about? Fun and mistery

Explore the mysteries of Venice on a 2.5-hour detective adventure, and follow a series of clues to locate a crime scene, discover a motive, and reveal a killer.

This murder mystery is set in 19th-century Venice, and it’s the perfect way to add some intrigue to your time in the historic city.

Highlights Small-group murder mystery evening in Venice Solve a historic "crime" in the City of Masks Use a paper map to find the crime scene Test your wits against clues and mysteries Small group experience limited to 10 people What You Can Expect Use the clues to solve the mystery Make your way to a meeting point in the Campo Santo Stefano, then join a small group of fellow detectives by the statue of Niccolo Tommaseo.

Put your phone away for the rest of the tour, as you’ll be navigating Venice the old fashioned way, with a map that leads to the crime scene. It’s a roughly 10-minute walk to the murder site, where you’ll find a “body,” and some mysterious clues about what’s taken place.

Test your ability to look for relevant details, hone your intuition, and challenge your analytical skills. You’ll have two hours at the site to solve the mystery, and you can touch and examine anything (as long as it’s done without forcing or damaging the clues).

 Frisk the bodies and work together with the other detectives, then race against the clock to find the solution—before it’s too late.

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Solve the mistery! Be a detective for a night.