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Golden Pudel Club


It’s worth acquainting yourself with the history of Golden Pudel to understand its significance. The 1990s saw deindustrialisation and the decline of Hamburg's seedy nightlife. This led to a lot of empty spaces – offices, warehouses and buildings – around the city’s famous port. As is often the case, the void was filled with artists and other ne’er-do-wells looking for cheap rent to pursue their creative interests. One manifestation of this new community of artists was Park Fiction, which we’ve recommended on Parallel before, and another was Golden Pudel – a nightclub like few others. 

Although you may have experienced some nightclubs that seem overly concerned with making money rather than the music – booking whoever’s trendy and charging high ticket prices – Golden Pudel’s commitment is to exploring new forms of music and keeping entry accessible and cheap. As Ralf Köster put it in a profile for Fact Magazine, the Pudel gives “unrepresented forms of music a platform, so they won’t be forgotten”. As a result, it occupies a dear position in the heart of Hamburg’s music aficionados. Despite the fact it can't offer its DJs super high fees, many renowned names keep on coming back to play, knowing they can experiment with sounds and be treated seriously by the audience.