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Frank's Cafe Is Open For Summer 2022!


That’s right, Frank’s is returning to Peckham this summer. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise, seeing as the pop-up-bar-in-a-Peckham-parking-lot has come to top every ‘Things to do in London this summer’ list for the better part of a decade.

And why not? The bar, situated on the top deck of a multi-story car park opposite Peckham Rye station, is kind of the best. It offers incredible views of the city. It serves delicious drinks and even better food. You can look at art. You can look at people. And there are a lot of them - if you head to Frank’s you better be ready to queue, because word is well and truly out.

Our advice; head there early afternoon before everyone clocks off from work. You practically have the place to yourself, making you feel like the select group of people who knew about this little secret in SE15 20 minutes before everyone else did.

Frank's re-opens on the 20th of May, get yourself down there!