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BFI Southbank


Established by Royal Charter in 1933, the British Film Institute is the central institution of British cinema, and its flagship cinema is the BFI Southbank, which sits on the southern bank of the Thames a few minutes walk from Waterloo and a 20-minute walk from Leicester Square down Charing Cross road. BFI Southbank has four screens and is opened seven days a week.

Occupying a beautiful, modernist space on the south side of the Thames, the Southbank is one of the London’s best destinations for cinephiles and tourists escaping the rain – not least because of the latest scheme they’re offering.

If you’re between 16 and 25 years old, you can buy a ticket to any screening at any time for only £3. To enjoy this offer, you will need to sign up online on their website and buy a discounted tickets from midnight the day of the screening. Your age will be confirmed with AgeChecked to confirm the date of birth given and confirm you are eligible for the scheme

Photo: Maria Giulia Tolotti; licensed under Creative Commons.