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Beach For The Stars


Sun’s out, fun’s out! Here reads the standard agenda for a day in Miami: Wake up, beach, have a quick bite, pool, order cocktails, beach, enjoy a boozy lunch, beach, drinks at the bar, beach, followed by a series of raucous activities that for confidentiality reasons we refuse to disclose in writing.

Now we’re assuming you’ve got your body in peak condition for your trip, got your base tan sorted and selected your skimpiest swimwear for the benefit of your feed and the beautiful Miami public. If so, then you’re ready for a Generator vacation in Miami – between the hostel pool and the 100-yard walk to South and Mid Beach, we’ve got you covered. However, if you’re looking to add some variety to your sun-soaked sand time, here are five beach options to explore and enjoy.

South Beach

When Will Smith said, “Uh, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, Miami, uh, uh, South Beach, bringin the heat, uh, haha, can y'all feel that, can y'all feel that, jig it out, uh”, I felt that. Honestly, not much more needs to be said – if you have one day to go to the beach while in town, you’re hitting South Beach. Not just because it’s an arm’s reach away from your room, but because it’s arguable the most famous beach in the world (apologies to Bondi and Copacabana).


Lummus Park Beach

Get your pastel suit steamed and quickly grow out your mustache, ‘cos you’re about to live out your Miami Vice fantasies. You may have not known Lummus Park Beach by name, but you certainly recognise it from movies and TV. There’s the iconic lifeguard stands and volleyball nets, green grass and palm trees surrounding outdoor gyms with pull-up bars, the beautiful promenade you’ll skate up (rent from the hostel) and so many restaurants for your lunch and cocktails.

Haulover Beach

Now while we’re big fans of the strategic tan line, it remains a ballsy move. For those of you looking for that all-over bronzing, Haulover beach is the clothes-optional space you’re looking for. When the currents are strong, Haulover becomes a local surfers’ favourite, so keep that in mind, but otherwise you’ll find the nude beach, the gay nude beach and a food truck festival every Tuesday. Rent a bicycle and ride the picturesque 8-mile journey before letting it all hang out, just as nature intended.


En route to Haulover, you’ll ride past Surfside, a quainter and quieter alternative to the hustle and bustle of South Beach. This peaceful patch is popular with locals, who congregate on the first Friday of every month to listen to music and enjoy time with their families. Pack a book and your tinted sunnies, this is your spot to while away your hangover and soak up some vitamin D.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

So, you’ve spent three full days following the same brilliant routine but you’re looking for something different – Bill Baggs Park is the place to go to. A lovely beach overlooked by a beautiful lighthouse, one of Miami’s oldest buildings, you might strike it lucky and spot some dolphins, manatees and rays. The park is accessible by car or Uber, and entrance costs $8.