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Meet The Locals: Markus Fowler


Markus Fowler, the Owner of a social media agency in Stockholm who is inspired by the city's creative entrepreneurs. This cultural nomad tells us tales of building up a career in Stockholm, and reveals his favourite parts of the city he now calls home.

What does your job in Stockholm involve?

I run a social media agency - which include MenWith, a platform on Instagram. We have almost 9 million followers globally who follows our accounts for fashion and lifestyle inspirations. 

Why is Stockholm a great place to do what you do?

Because Stockholm has a lot of creativity - being home to many of the worlds biggest brands and minds, and even if it’s dark for about 7 months you get a lot of work done, bringing the creative mind in focus. Stockholm may not be one go the biggest cities in the world but it is very trustworthy and has managed to gathered people and brilliant minds from every part of the world making it feel more and more of an international stage for entrepreneurs and those in industries like, music, art, tech and culture. 

Have you lived in Stockholm your entire life?

My mother is Gambian and father from Nigeria, I came to Sweden from Gambia when I was 5 years old but I’ve been travelling a lot my whole life both private and for work but I consider Stockholm to be my home. I have most of my family here as well. Many of my friends that moved to other places around the world are starting to move back, I guess there is no place like home!

What’s your favourite thing about living in Stockholm?

Stockholm is a creative hub and the quality of life is very high here. For me Stockholm is at its best in august because a lot of people is away on vacation and I have the city for myself. Being able to walk the streets between the close but oh so different areas of Stockholm gives me a lot of energy and inspiration in my everyday life and work.

What’s your favourite place or neighbourhood to hang out in the winter months in Stockholm?

I’m a very social person so I always move around different places but I often eat brunch and lunch at Ciao Ciao at Hantverkargatan, they have a very nice atmosphere there and I love the staff. Overlooking the view from Grand Hotel or Lydmar Hotel with any choice of drink is a must winter or summer. Having coffee at the Modern Museums Café is also a favorite, any o these places gives you a magic view to set your eyes on.

If you had a tourist friend visiting the city for one weekend, what would you recommend?

I would tell him/her to book a table at P.A or Un Poco for dinner. After that have a drink at Riche. Brunch at Grand Hotel or the more laid back place Ciao Ciao, and after that take a walk around Old Town and then visit the Maritime Museum. Depending on summer or winter, I would definitely recommend taking long walks and experience Stockholm by fot, you can’t go wrong, each area has its charm.

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