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Scandi Style: The Best Vintage Shops in Stockholm


Reading Time: 5 Minutes

Sweden’s disproportionate influence on the world of fashion pretty much goes without saying these days. In fact, there’s a very good chance it’s already made inroads into your wardrobe.
The Swedish fashion attack is pretty much unavoidable in the UK, whether you shop on the high street at big, affordable fashion outlets like H&M and, more recently, Cos and Weekday or splurge on hipster brands – like Acne, Our Legacy and Tres Bien – that seem to have identified a Scandi sweet spot somewhere between the catwalk and the street.
Vintage fashion has inevitably played a big role in defining the Scandi style, which has a magpie-like quality, so perhaps Stockholm’s preponderance of vintage shops should come as no surprise. Fashionable couture doesn’t spring out of thin air and Stockholm’s rich vintage scene must be a treasure trove of sartorial inspiration for the city’s up and coming fashion designers. The bottom line? There are few better cities in the world than Stockholm to cop some sweet vintage threads.
While staying in Stockholm with Generator, be sure to check out some of the city’s best vintage shops and put some Scandi style into your everyday wardrobe.

Beyond Retro
Drottninggatan 77, 111 60 Stockholm
Brännkyrkagatan 82, 118 23 Stockholm 

Anyone familiar with London’s vintage scene will know Beyond Retro. The Cheshire Street store off Brick Lane was something of a mecca in the mid-’00s, when young Londoners descended on the original incarnation to rummage through endless rails of vaguely curated second-hand attire – mostly from North America - in search of Klaxons-esque cardigans and Kate Nash-worthy dresses.
These days Beyond Retro has numerous outposts in the UK and a smattering in Sweden, including two in Stockholm. The formula is pretty much the same – a sprawling landscape of vintage clothes that demands exploration. Beyond Retro nailed the semi-curated/ enjoyably random approach long ago and it remains a winning formula.

Lisa Larsson
Bondegatan 48, 116 33 Stockholm 

A veteran of the Stockholm vintage scene, Lisa Larsson has been trading since the mid-80s and specialises in women’s clothes from the 30s to the 70s. Yep, this is a vintage shop of serious vintage and a bona fide goldmine if you’re on the lookout for a truly unique outfit. It may be small, but Lisa Larsson’s rails are tightly packed and positively bulging with rare outfits and accessories that feel genuinely special. 

Modern Retro
Gotlandsgatan 76A, 116 38 Stockholm

A Stockholm institution, Modern Retro is crammed into a sprawling basement garage that now resembles a rail rummager’s fantasy. While the stock is carefully chosen by the proprietor, Thomas “Totte” Gabrielsson, a pleasingly chaotic atmosphere of decade-spanning eclecticism prevails in Modern Retro. There are plenty of gems to be discovered here, including vintage houseware and all manner of weird odds and ends.   

Humana Second Hand
Timmermansgatan 23, 118 55 Stockholm

Humana confirms that vintage culture has now fixed its gaze on the 90s and 00s, to the horror of anyone in their 30s, only just encountering the vintage-ification of their youth. Which feels like just yesterday. So, if you’re young enough to embrace the garish novelty of 90s fashion Humana is the place to go. 

Herr Judit
Hornsgatan 65, 118 49 Stockholm

Herr Judit offers an unapologetically masculine vision of vintage fashion and cultivates a sophisticated atmosphere, replete with wood cladding and Mad Men-ish vintage apparel. All the stock is pickily sourced from customers and the shop has a judiciously curated feel. Herr Judit is less a jumble sale, more a gentleman’s club. 

Pop Stockholm
Åsögatan 140, 116 24 Stockholm

Arguably Stockholm’s most complete vintage treasure trove. Pop takes a broad, all-encompassing approach to retro clothing, cramming in a compelling mix of high-end vintage couture and mercifully forgotten fashions. The collection spans from the 50s to the 90s and, while the rails are densely packed, the curatorial standard is unusually high.

59 Vintage
Hantverkargatan 59, 112 31 Stockholm

Searching for a unique vintage outfit with more than a hint of glitz and glam? Get yourself to 59 Vintage in Kungsholme and revel in a fabulous generation-hopping collection that prioritises bold and beautiful vintage couture that’s guaranteed to unleash your inner glamour puss.
Adding some Scandi style to your life is easy once you know how – and where you should go to do it. Make your stay with Generator in Stockholm even more memorable by visiting some of the best vintage shops the city has to offer.