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The Sunny sound of Bleached Amsterdam, 20th of May 2016


If you like summery, west coast tunes, made by summery, west coast girls then you’re probably already familiar with Bleached.

Sisters Jessica and Jennifer Clavin make lo-fi melodies that sound like they’re being blasted out of a garage in The Valley. It’s all fuzzy guitars and irresistible hooks, and if you listen hard enough, you’ll hear touches of everyone from Fleetwood Mac and Hole, to The Ramones and Best Coast.


The Clavin’s music is very evocative of their So-Cal background, so even if you’ve never been to California, hearing it kind of reminds you of that trip to Joshua Tree you wish you and your pals had undertaken but never did. Oh well.

On May 20, They’re bringing the sounds of their new album, WELCOME THE WORMS, to Bitterzoet, the Amsterdam club where everyone dresses really well, has loads of fun, and listens to great music. In short, make sure you go. Get your tickets here!

Check out Bleacheds tumblr.