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Fleadonia at Freedonia is Barcelona's Finest Flea Market


Freedonia is an arts space off the Raval in Barcelona. Most of the time it plays host to a wide variety of events across theatre, film, video and music, and if you're heading to B-town (as the locals don't call it), it's worth putting it in your Roladex (someone should bring those back) for that reason alone. 

Once a month, however, they play host to a flea market full of stalls offering vintage clothes and hand-made goods as well as designers and artists selling their work. Cleverly, they've named this market Fleadonia. Head over there if you've got an eye for a bargain or a hankering for haggling. 

Opening time: First Sunday of each month from 11.00 to 17.00
Address: Plaça de Salvador Seguí, 08001, El Raval - Barcelona

Freedonia's Instagram is here, tell them Parallel sent you!