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Movie Location: Vicky Cristina Barcelona


After some dramatic flops set in Britain – Match Point, Scoop – Woody Allen released Vicky Cristina Barcelona in 2008 to a sigh of relief from his fans.

It’s a fluent and engrossing love story. Everyone’s favourite Brooklyn auteur had finally found a voice that resonated in Europe: even if it was a ridiculously idealised Europe of red-lit trysts and sultry bohemia. 

Of course, we can’t promise that when you next head down to Barcelona you’ll be absorbed into ménage-a-trois with Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson. But you might recognise the context within which it happened:  

Photo: Isiwal (Wikimedia Commons)

In one scene, Vicky visits Park Güell (she’s writing a thesis on Gaudi) when she runs into Javier Bardem, who’s spent the last few days courting Cristina. It’s the first time they’ve met since they got to know each other (in the Biblical sense) but Javier Bardem never called and so Vicky is visibly annoyed. 

Park Güell was built in 1914 and contains not only Gaudi’s house/museum, but some of his most distinctive works, like the dragon fountain you can see in the still above. The best way to get there from Generator Barcelona is the V17 bus north to Pl. Gibraltar. And when you’re there, keep an eye open for a hunky Spanish artist looking to take you off your feet (but if he has a gun-wielding maniac as a partner, maybe you should say, ‘No’).