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Insta-Berlin: Discovering the street art of Mauerpark


We love exploring the cities we call home through your eyes; in this Insta-round up, we are exploring the Mauerpark and all of its sights and wonders.

If you venture on a ten minute walk from Generator Prenzlauer Berg, or a 20-minute stroll from our Berlin Mitte Hostel, you’ll find Mauerpark – which in English translates as “wall park”. In a pleasantly ironic twist, what used to be the heavily guarded “Death Strip” is now a lively cultural hub awash with activity, not to mention 800m of the Berlin wall still standing repurposed as a canvas for inspired graffiti artists. From huge karaoke crowds at the Bearpit  to Fleamarkets every Sunday, you’re definitely going to find something insta-worthy here.


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A post shared by Freeman (@trappedoutfreeeman) on

You’re likely to find other photographers around the park – and soon realise (if you haven’t already) that for a really successful Instagram shot you don’t have to limit yourself to phone photography. Get out there with an old film camera – when our team explores the park we tend to use a 35mm Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SLR from the 1960s, and the model famously used by the Beatles and Ira Cohen; alternatively you can opt for a decent DSLR, or get some cool shots of other people’s film cameras around the park like @trappedoutfreeeman has here.

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For admirers of street art, you need to hit it up. Graffiti porn everywhere, you’ll be able to spend hours looking at the slightly edgier, large tags (compared to some other portions of the Berlin wall that are more painting-focussed). Get yourself some congenial shots around the park and you’ll be stocked up on Instagram content for at least a good two weeks-worth of feed.

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You can also approach your shot of the graffiti from a slightly different angle – don’t be afraid to mix it up. A couple of people have managed to get some smart shots looking down at their feet, but still getting the colour and art in the frame. It could make for a way more interesting shot if you get it right.


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Another Instagram staple, we have the interacting-with-the-environment-portrait shot. Sit on stuff. Climb things. Pose. All necessary to achieve that slick-looking photo that may feel awkward whilst you mount a table in front of a load of strangers, but will definitely pay off in likes. If you’re a bit more chill, browse some clothes or smell the blossoms. The key here is interact with something. In this shot, you’re the focus - use your surroundings to boost and reflect your identity and tone.


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If you’re feeling fit and have always thought about including it in your feed, this is a great place to start. @kraftrunners set a good example here – get yourself with some friends exercising in front of an interesting backdrop – graffiti, distant buildings or a sunrise (think golden hour) are all strong settings. Make sure you’ve got your best workout gear on and you’ll surely be raking in plenty of kinetic followers in no time.


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Of course, it’s pretty standard to take some of the usual, ever-reliable tourist shots. At Mauerpark, you’ll find buskers and musicians. You’ll see the marker of where the knocked down portions of the Berlin Wall once stood. And you’ll be able to visit the Bearpit, where they have karaoke which draws huge crowds to watch members of the public sing and play instruments. Get yourself a strong vibe of one of the coolest districts in Berlin, all in one park.

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The last spot you HAVE to go to is the Fleamarket on a Sunday. Explore and browse stalls full of a plethora of trinkets that make far better gifts than a Brandenburg Gate fridge magnet. Get yourself something nice whilst feeding your individuality by taking a photo that you can be pretty sure noone has taken before.

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Stay at Generator Prenzlauer Berg and you’ll be a 10 minute walk from Mauerpark, where you can find everything mentioned here and probably a whole lot more.