Going Out in Barcelona

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Midday vermouth? Sure. Beers on the beach? Why not! You don’t have to wait for nightfall to get the party started in Barcelona. But, when the sun goes down, the city comes alive. 

Catch a drag queen show in the rainbow-flagged bars of Eixample, Barcelona’s most LGBT+ friendly neighbourhood. Sip cocktails in the trendy taverns of El Born. Or, hop between Raval’s grungy, themed bars with names like “Betty Ford’s”, “Nevermind” and “Two Schmucks.”

After last orders, it’s on to a club where you can groove to RnB or old school funk and disco, headbang to classic rock anthems, or rave no-holds-barred to techno - whatever floats your boat. 

Can’t make up your mind? Head to legendary BCN spot Razzmatazz. “The Razz” boasts five rooms, each with a different vibe. Just don’t forget your shades - it’ll probably be daylight when you finally stumble home.

Things to do in Barcelona