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Copenhagen's Beer Festival - 11th to 26th of May 2022


Copenhagen is undoubtedly one of the coolest cities in the world.

It’s a creative hub that attracts artists and free-thinkers to its tree-lined, cycle-friendly streets. However, if you’re not interested in any of that, there are other reasons to visit CPH. For example: booze! The city’s beer festival covers ten days in May, and will no doubt feature a broad variety of continental beers. And as this is Denmark, there will probably be a lot of Tuborg for you to try – as well as a lot of varieties of Tuborg that you won’t find in your local pub or bar.

One of the problems of visiting Copenhagen is the amount of choice. If you’ve ever gone, you were probably given a slew of recommendations by seasoned visitors prior to your arrival. After all, the bars are incredible, the people are cool, and every meal has the potential to be the best you’ve ever had. It can all get a bit much. Luckily, there are few better ways to truly discover a place than through its beer. So ditch the tips (for now) and head to the Copenhagen Beer Festival from 11th of May to 21st of May 2022. Just don’t get too hammered. No one likes a drunk tourist!

Check out Generator Copenhagen

To get there from Generator Copenhagen, take the 1A bus to Enghave Street then walk 15 minutes to the venue.