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Dublin’s Chinatown


And keep your eye out for Lee Kee.

A few year’s ago, Dublin’s Chinatown wasn’t anything that impressive. In the last few years, however, the quantity and quality of Asian (it’s not just Chinese) restaurants on the north side of Parnell Street has grown tremendously. It’s now certainly worth stopping here for lunch or dinner during your stay. 

From the sweety, sticky Korean flavours of Shi Wang Yun to the spicy Vietnamese prawn soups of Pho Kim, there’s a lot to go round. There’s also a Chinese supermarket if you want to snack on prawn crackers or buy some spring onions and dumpling pastry so you can cook yourself at home. That said, we spoke to our friends at Generator Dublin and they recommended – if you’ve only got time for one – Lee Kee (100a Parnell Street).

It’s pretty unassuming – you might walk past it a few times without realising – but inside you’ll find flavours as bold as anything you'll find in China. Lamb dumplings, marinated duck tongues, frogs legs…it’s got all the specialities of an authentic eatery but also the Chinese classics, like Peking duck with pancakes, for those who aren’t as brave with their choices. 

Chinatown's a twenty minute walk from Generator Dublin. Ask at reception for directions. 

Photo: William Murphy