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The Most Instagrammable Spots in Madrid


We’re forever in chase of the perfect spot to share on our Instagram feed. May that be your favourite brunch place to your number one spot in and around the city. So we’ve decided to render your life easier by compiling the most instagrammable spots around our hostel in Madrid’s location that will look fabulous on your Gram. Don’t thank us, thank #GenSpots.

Madrid’s photo opportunities are endless. From its innovative and experimental architecture to its amalgamation of spanish cuisines, you can get some seriously awesome shots of the spanish city. On your marks, steady, shoot!

1. Superchulomadrid


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#GenSpots chose @superchulosmadrid as one of its favourite restaurant in Madrid! Healthy eating does not have to be boring anymore.

2. Mercado de San Miguel


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Looking for the best food market in town? Then head to El mercado de San Miguel for the freshest fruits in Madrid.

3. Gran Via


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The colorful buildings, the charming stores, those typical spanish balconies... No wonder why Gran Via is one of #GenSpots favorite street in Madrid!

4. Honestgreens


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If you are in the city and are looking for a #GenSpots kind of lunch, aim for Honestgreens. Satisfaction guaranteed!

5. Mercado de Motores


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Bread smells always nicer at Mercado de Motores…#GenSpots words.

6. Palacio de Longoria 


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#GenSpots spotted Palacio de Longoria as one of Madrid’s fine examples of Spanish Architecture. Designed by Jose Grases Riera between 1902-1904.

Visiting Madrid Anytime Soon?

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