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Generator Squad: Rome Flipside with Alisa Fessl


Dive into the skate life with Alisa Fessl, the rad brand ambassador for Generator! Get the lowdown on her Rome adventures, cool spots, and the best skateparks in the city.

What does your job involve?
I'm a professional skateboarder from Austria and currently I'm spending my time travelling the world, seeing the world's best skateparks and making new friends and experiences all over the world.

How did you become a brand ambassador for Generator, and what inspired you to take on this role?
I got inspired to become a brand ambassador for Generator, because I love travelling so much and therefore I always stay in Hostels, so this opportunity is perfect for me and I'm stoked to be part of the team!

You spent a lot of time in Rome this year. What makes this city unique and different from other places you've visited or lived in?
It is different from other cities, because it has a very old city center with a lot of love for details. Everytime you go there, you will discover something new. It is very close to the beach as well, if you fancy a swim!

What’s your favourite thing about living in Rome?
My favourite thing is definitely the warm weather and the fact that it rarely rains there, so you can skate outside all year long! Also sometimes a little swell hits the italian coast, so if you are lucky you can go for a surf on the mediterranean sea.

What's the most picturesque spot in Rome city for taking photos?
It is really nice to take pictures next to the Trevi Fountain. The whole plaza is so beautiful! If you go really early in the morning you can avoid big crowds of people.

What are some of the best outdoor activities or parks for enjoying nature in Rome?
There is a big street skatepark right next to the Colosseum and a huge concrete bowl in Lido di Ostia. So I recommend you to go skateboarding in Rome. Also there is a really nice pine forest in Ostia, it helps you to escape the Italian summer heat.

Could you share a local travel tip or hidden gem in Rome that most tourists might not know about?
Also located in Ostia, there is a nice Pool with diving boards. If you are brave you can go for the 10 meter one or just try some flips on the smaller ones. It is called "KPiscina". There are buses going from the city center to the pool.


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