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Generator Squad: Navigating Stockholm with Anouk Soedito


Dive into the vibrant world of a tattoo artist and Generator brand ambassador in Stockholm, as they share their creative journey, favorite local haunts, and the unique charm that makes their city perfect for both work and play.

What does your job involve?
I’m a tattoo artist

How did you become a brand ambassador for Generator, and what inspired you to take on this role?
I used to work as an artist in the tattoo studio located at Hilma, generator Stockholm’s hotel bar. Generator is one of the first places I worked at in this city and as a brand ambassador now I get to be involved in the events and tattoo across multiple locations, which is super fun!

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What makes Stockholm unique and different from other places you've visited or lived in?
There’s never not a time where the city doesn’t look beautiful. Because of the amount of water and the architecture the city gives off an amount of charm all year around. In the summer there’s lots of outdoor life and in the winter, when it’s dark and snowy, it really hits that cosy vibe.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Stockholm?
I love how for a big city, Stockholm is relatively calm. The city is super walkable so it’s easy to cover a lot of ground in a day. There’s definitely more than meets the eye to the city. In the summer there’s a fun underground party scene, which can lead you to some unexpected locations.

What are the top local events or festivals that visitors should not miss?
Most museums offer free entry one day each week, but generally the fee is very affordable. In the summer the outdoor cinema in Rålambshovsparken, it’s free and shows various movies. You can just pull up a chair or blanket and watch. if you come during august, make sure to check out Stockholm kulturfestival which arranges free concerts and activities all around the city center. Also Gröna Lund has a bunch of concerts on during their summer program.

What's the most picturesque spot in Stockholm for taking photos?
No doubt Ivar lo’s park at Mariatorget! Go there at sunset for pretty views. Stockholm definitely has some beautiful sunsets.

What are some of the best outdoor activities or parks for enjoying nature in Stockholm?
Hellasgården is a great spot close to the city to go for a nice walk around the lake. In the winter when the lake freezes over you’re able to jump between the sauna and the water for an icy dip. In the summer you can swim and hike there.

Could you share a local travel tip or hidden gem in Stockholm that most tourists might not know about?
One of my favorite spots is rosenhills trädgård a bit on the outside of the city. Super cosy in both summer and winter. I can also recommend checking out the local drag scene! For instance the club Tuck’o’Hej or see what’s on the agenda for the club Blue Oyster.

Fancy a piece of the action in Stockholm?

Meet a young tattoo artist and Generator brand ambassador in Stockholm, as she takes us on a ride through art, events, and hidden gems in the city.