Next Wednesday 13 April take an epic and unusual guided walk along the Berlin Wall from Bornholmer Straße to Hauptbahnhof.

Of course, parts of the wall still remain standing for tourists to visit and they’re an interesting and effective way to explore Berlin’s history – but if you want to do something bit different then ‘Invisible Border’ is for you.

This guided tour starts at the first checkpoint between East and West that was opened in 1989 – the end date of a divided Berlin. Because so much of the wall has been removed it’s easy to forget how and where the city was split, but this thoughtful tour mixes historical fact with fun anecdotes to show you still-standing East German accommodation and landmarks. It’s a fairly long walk, crossing 7km, passing by guard towers and memorials of Berliners who were shot trying to cross the frontier.

The tour is organised by the hugely popular Slow Travel Berlin group who offer tours of the famous left-wing suburb of Berlin called Wedding, an area now considered the most artistic and vibrant of the Berlin neighbourhoods (topping Kreuzberg by a mile). There’s a tour for everyone: they offer cemetery walks, literature tours and explorations of Berlin’s filmic, artistic and musical scenes too.

Head here to book the next ‘Invisible Border’ walking trail; and to swat up on your history in time, read Parallel’s profile of the German photographer Rudi Meisel, who documented both sides of the wall.