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Viet Bowl Friedrichshain


In the 1950s, the GDR began inviting young communist students from Vietnam to study in Berlin. The programme was so successful that it continued into the seventies and left East Berlin with a small, vibrant Vietnamese community and lots of great authentic Vietnamese cuisine. The Viet Bowl is one of the most popular spots in the east. It's really cheap and every dish is available as vegetarian or vegan. Okay, the music's not so great and the soft ballads playing overhead might make you wish you'd taken the table outside, but the service is great. A bowl of Bún Cha Gio please.
Viet Bowl Friedrichshain was first of their restaurant opened in 2000. They currently have 6 restaurants in Berlin: Viet Bowl Bohemian Square, Viet Bowl Potsdamer Platz, Viet Bowl Neukoelln, Viet Bowl Charlottenburg and Viet Bowl Center.