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Hangover Cures from Around the World


After a heavy night, choosing the right pick-me-up the next morning is crucial. Discover an impressive range of worldwide hangover cures with our guide. Reading time: 5 minutes

We all like to enjoy ourselves from time to time; however, when drinking is involved, there is a tendency to somewhat overdo it, which means a hangover is more than likely on the cards. And though we all lie to ourselves and say we can handle it, waking up with a throbbing head, dry mouth and a multitude of regrets isn’t the best way to start your morning (or afternoon).

When you’re battling the hangover from hell and need some reinforcements (yes, it happens to us, too!), choosing the right pick-me-up is key. There are plenty of options out there; turns out, the world is super creative when it comes to devising hangover remedies. So, before your next big night out, be sure to acquaint yourself with our top hangover cures from around the world; get clued up and take essential steps to handle being hungover in the best way for you.
  1. France: Cassoulet
Originating in the southwest of France (Castelnaudary to be exact), cassoulet has been supporting the French through their hangover blues for a very long time indeed. You can almost imagine this delightful stew being savoured after a long night drinking wine in the capital’s quaint bars. Composed of haricot beans, sausage and typically goose, many French people swear by this hearty and filling dish for plugging the gaping hole a hangover leaves. If you find yourself staying with us in our hostel in Paris, give cassoulet a go if ever a night’s drinking leaves you feeling worse for wear the next day.
  1. Italy: Espresso
As a rule, Italians like simplicity in life. This outlook has influenced their hangover cures too. To Italians, a delicious and well-made espresso is a hangover remedy like no other.

Strong and packed full of energy, an espresso gives you the boost you need to hit the ground running after your hangover. It’s also high in antioxidants, supplying your body with exactly what it needs following an evening’s drinking. Bear in mind though that because coffee is a diuretic it doesn’t help hugely with the shakes that so often accompany a hangover. Still, if you’re staying in our Rome or Venice accommodation, remember that espresso could be just the pick-me-up you need.
  1. Germany: Katerfrühstück
It’s not difficult to see why this is often the first meal of the day after an alcohol-filled night in Germany; if marinated herring wrapped around pickle and onion slices – also called rollmops – doesn’t liven you up, then nothing will. The fish is usually accompanied by more pickled gherkins or similar sour-tasting food on the side; it’s perfect if strong flavours are your jam. And what’s not to love about the restoration of electrolytes after a particularly heavy bout of drinking?! Staying with us in Berlin or Hamburg? Make sure you try Katerfrühstück if you need a pick-me-up that packs a punch.
  1. Denmark: Reparationsbajer
You don’t have to go far to hear that more drinking is the hangover cure to end all hangover cures, especially in Denmark. Here they call it reparationsbajer, or ‘recovery beer’.

Though it may look like a standard American Pale Ale, reparationsbajer is anything but. Because it’s both refreshing and fruity (without being too sweet), this beverage is loved by locals and tourists alike when hangovers from hell are happening. If you’re staying at our Copenhagen hostel and hotel and anticipate a night of alcohol-induced tomfoolery, a reparationsbajer promises to be your best friend in the mission to prevent a hangover the next day.
  1. USA: The Prairie Oyster
This is another of those hangover remedies that wants to wake you up and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible; for newcomers to the country, the Prairie Oyster is an American favourite. A concoction of tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and a raw egg with the yolk unbroken – so the whole thing resembles an oyster – it’s meant to be drunk in one go. The Prairie Oyster has long been the saviour of many a difficult Stateside morning. And hey, if you’re staying at Miami or Washington DC and are looking to cure a hangover like a local, this is the remedy for you.
  1. Spain: Churros and Chocolate Sauce
For fans of sweet treats, churros and chocolate sauce are the ideal hangover cure combo. You’ll be glad to hear that serving your scrumptious churros with plenty of dark chocolate sauce is more than enough to bring you back to normality. As a good source of carbohydrate, churros help absorb the alcohol more quickly, making you recover faster. And, because dark chocolate sauce is full of antioxidants, it helps protect the liver and mop up any harmful chemicals released during the metabolism of said alcohol. While staying with us in Barcelona or Madrid, take comfort that after a busy night’s drinking, churros and chocolate sauce are your go-to for making the next morning more bearable.
  1. Netherlands: Broodje Haring
Remember the German Katerfrühstück? Well, as it turns out, they’ve taken a similar approach in the Netherlands. A broodje haring – herring, onions and pickles in a burger bun – is the quintessential Dutch hangover food. This traditional snack is often sold as street-food, so it should be easy to find. A light dash of mayo sometimes serves as an added comfort for soaking up the night before. Ideal if you’re in need of a fast-acting hangover cure or even just a late-night snack while staying at Generator Amsterdam, a broodje haring is more than up to the challenge.
  1. Ireland: Chicken Fillet Roll
It’s undeniable – the Irish do love a drink. And where there’s drink, there’s ‘craic’ (fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation). But if you’re going on a night out in Ireland, what you really need to know about is this ultimate hangover essential. Nothing quite tops the first bite you take out of a juicy chicken fillet roll when you finally muster the energy to drag yourself out of bed (or wherever you happen to wake up). For extra relief, add taco sauce; the kick is just right to get you fired up for the (rest of the) day. If you’re based at our Dublin accommodation and want an extra fast (and extra effective) hangover cure, this is the one for you.
  1. Sweden: Beef Rydberg
We can see why beef Rydberg is a classic Swedish hangover cure: consisting of crisp potatoes and beef tenderloin with onion marmalade, horseradish and egg yolk, there are plenty of flavours and textures on offer here that bring your taste buds back to life after a big night out. 
First, it’s your palate, then it’s the rest of you. Meat, eggs and potatoes: the three basic brunch food groups all work together to help you recover at a much faster rate. And with each bite promising the utmost deliciousness, you could even be forgiven for enjoying it as a tasty snack when you’re not hungover! During your time at Generator Stockholm, make beef Rydberg your hangover cure of choice; with its mix of tasty and hearty ingredients, we promise you won’t be disappointed.
  1. UK: The Great British Fry-Up
It’s big, it’s bulky, and it’s quite traditional; more than anything though, it’s an experience. The fry-up is a treat that so many Brits love, and it has a special place in our hearts as the hangover cure we can all count on. Grease lines the stomach, fried bread soaks up the booze and the eggs add protein, which is what our bodies really need after a heavy session the night before. Of course, no one ‘needs’ an excuse for bacon, but a post-night out fry-up seems like an excellent one. Staying with Generator in London? Go on, treat yourself to a hangover fry up. It’s a time-honoured British tradition!

So, there you go. How different nations ditch the hangover is nothing short of fascinating. We hope these tried and tested cures help you through your next morning-after like a champ. And remember: drinking responsibly is the way forward, although it’s no sure-fire way to avoid a hangover (sigh).