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Hamburgers Gonna Hamburg


Reading time: 4 minutes: Let’s just cut to the chase why don’t we? Your Instagram feed isn’t going to like itself – generally you need to do all the heavy lifting, combining a cute look, a carefully cropped composition and witty caption, all for the benefit of your adoring followers. However, having assigned our finest mathematical minds and sociology professors to the task, we’ve established that the simplest, most effective post is the humble Hamburg hamburger pic. Appealing across all categories, from nosy cousins to friends back home, it’s a cheeky yet subtle “wish you were here” type of gloat-post that hits all the spots.

So, without further ado, may we present to you five of Hamburg’s most relished burger joints that’ll let you garnish your feed, set you on a roll, and leave all your followers desperate to ketchup.

Otto’s Burger Schanze
Schanzenstraße 58, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

Otto’s knows that in the competitive world of burgers it’s the innovative grill that wins, saying, “Instead of offering too many burger combinations, we focus on variety.” That’s why they rotate their menu with regular seasonal changes, communicated through beautiful designs you’d happily place on your wall. While they boast about their locally-sourced Hamburg beef, they’ve also got delicious options for vegetarians. Our suggestion: give the Magic Mushroom burger a try – it’s incredible.
Brooklyn Burger Bar
Alter Fischmarkt 3, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

This American-inspired burger joint can be found right down the road from the hostel’s Helter Skelter bar, right in the heart of Hamburg. While you’re guaranteed to love the variety of burgers on offer, the real secret to this spot is the delicious cocktail selection. A great spot for a late dinner that continues into drinks, Brooklyn always attracts a lively crowd, so you’re sure to have a good time.


Speersort 1, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Around the corner, you’ll find a concept burger bar that we simply can’t get enough of; at Burgerlich you are directed to your seat where each person orders their own burger to their specifications using a tablet at the table. Quick, easy and delicious, if you’re looking for big burgers and big tables for a big crowd looking for a big day out, then this is the spot for you.
Dulf’s Burger (Karo)
Karolinenstraße 2, 20357 Hamburg, Germany

If you find yourself near St Pauli, hungry enough to eat a monster burger, then there’s only one place for you! Dulf’s exudes the carefree, unrepressed feel of the area, and is most definitely a meat-lover’s spot – it has an amazing selection of burgers, but the crème de la crème is most certainly the Schlabbermax Burger, made with three homemade beef patties, fresh Bionda salad, coleslaw, double cheddar, roasted corn, onions, jalapeños, hollandaise sauce and burger mayo. This tower of amazingness is a delectable affront to the gods and all common decency and needs to be eaten immediately. You can fit it all in your frame, but we’ll be shocked if you can fit it all in your stomach in one sitting.


Vincent Vegan Europa Passage
Ballindamm 40, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

We’ve got the meat sweats just writing all that. Let’s counter it with a more ethical, healthier option in the form of Vincent Vegan. With the slogan, “Do good, be cool, eat vegan”, this burger joint is out to prove that the presence of animal produce is entirely replaceable in a burger – arguably even leading to a tastier meal. Try their original Burger born in 2014 the "Veganizer". Head on over and fill yourself with the tastiest portion of self-satisfaction you’ll have in Hamburg.