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To Rome With Love


Rome is one of the most spectacular and essential places to visit for the romantically-inclined. But it is also one of the most touristy. So, we employed some insider knowledge to tease out the most romantic, quiet spots in the Eternal City.

Casina Valadier

The Casina Valadier was built by the well-known Roman architect Giuseppe Valadier between 1816 and 1837. La Casina was designed to host as a refreshment spot on the French bistro model. Today it is one of the most fascinating places in the capital, a short stroll from Trinità dei Monti and from Piazza del Popolo. The structure contains a sophisticated restaurant, a chilled out bar open for cocktails and aperitifs in the evening, and the Caffè del Pincio, which is open all day. All the rooms open onto terraces that give a panoramic view of Rome, while the interior gardens with wicker chairs and white umbrellas are the perfect place to grab a coffee or a glass of wine in a romantic atmosphere.


Gianicolo’s terrace

The Gianicolo, one of the symbols of the capital, has always been a must for couples. The walk to the terrace slowly reveals one of the most beautiful and romantic views of the Eternal City. From the terrace you can get unmatched views of not only the Colosseum and the Vatican — but many of the other fascinating monuments of Rome monuments. The terrace wall is very wide and runs along the whole climb, allowing couples to easily find a more intimate space.


The Corner

In the Aventino area, in a vintage villa at the corner of the street, there is an elegant structure with a bistro and a lounge bar enriched by a unique garden terrace, as well as a Michelin starred restaurant. This is an unusual part of Rome — modern, romantic and sophisticated — and a perfect way to put some distance between you and the chaos of the tourist city. The terrace, lit with soft light, creates a romantic and unique setting at sunset, especially during the summer. Enjoy great cocktails in soft armchairs bordered by plants, flowers and ancient statues.


The Savello Park

The Savello Park, AKA ‘the Orange Garden’ is located on the Aventine, one of the most fascinating hills of Rome. It is protected by medieval walls and is open to the public only at predetermined times. When the trees are in flower visitors are surrounded by a delicate and unmistakable aroma. From the balconies on the garden’s walls you can see a panorama from the Tiber River to the Basilica of St. Peter. Time, here, seems to have frozen.


Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese is a huge, beautiful green park which encompasses a zoo, several museums and a small lake with small rowing boats. The place is so big it's worth renting a bike or a rickshaw to explore it. The most romantic walk in the Villa crosses the great avenues and leads to Pincio, a large terrace overlooking Piazza del Popolo and Via del Corso.

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