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Insta-Stockholm: Best Rooftop Bars


Drinking al fresco is the way to go!

Where better to see the great city of Stockholm than from a rooftop bar. There’s so many on offer so we’ve put together a list of ones you should try. Whether you’re looking for a quick drink to an awesome night out, we’ve selected ones that can provide just that.




Slakthuset is a former slaughterhouse turned into night club. With a unique residual industrial atmosphere and multiple dance floors, no wonder it’s on our list. The 600 square meter summer patio provides unparalleled views of southern Stockholm and with DJ’s playing everything from House to Techno and Hip Hop to R’n’B, it’s a recipe for a great night out.

Champagnebaren and Södra Bar



Stunning rooftop views and live music, what more can you ask for? With a rooftop bar and spacious terrace, there are ample opportunities to look across the beautiful skyline. There is also an A La Carte restaurant inside, offering up vegetarian inspired courses which look as good as the views.




With classic cocktails and some of their own creations, Hibou's terrace is definitely one to visit. Even when it’s cold outside, the bar has outdoor heating and provides blankets as a warm welcome. Also a restaurant, Ljunggren serves up sushi, burgers and many more tasty treats.




Hornhuset has a rustic rooftop patio to accompany its 3 other floors. Dishing up simply food and serving good drink, no wonder there’s always lines to get in. This trendy watering hole is great for a mid-week drink and a Friday night out. So be smart, arrive early and beat the queue.




Just a short walk from Sergels Torg in the heart of the city you have Tak. A restaurant, a raw bar and a rooftop bar combined. With breath taking views and city sunsets, you can’t go wrong. Adding in amazing food just makes it better. The food is a concoction of Japanese techniques with Swedish ingredients, creating a unique dining experience.