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Meet The Locals: Louise Sondlo


Louise Sondlo, the personal trainer and co- founder of SPR Athlete Factory. This impressive Stockholm-native balances a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with her work as SPR's Marketing Manager. Louise reveals her favourite parts of Stockholm.

What does your job in Stockholm involve?
I’m at the gym all day, from early mornings and a few days in the week to late nights. My days are filled with training people, making sure that when you visit us you get the best experience possible. And as a member, you feel well taken care of. My days also involves a lot of Brazilian Jiujitsu and trying to keep up with what's going on in the training and martial arts community of Stockholm. Together with a lot of admin work. I'm a true multi-tasker!

Why is Stockholm a great place to do what you do?
Stockholm is a small big city. Stockholmers are very into training and keeping up with what's new and exciting within that field. That makes it a great city to have a gym in. I get inspired by people daily and I would like to think that our gym and what we do inspires others.

Have you lived in Stockholm your entire life?
Yes, Born and raised on Södermalm! I'm one of the few original, inner city kids. Love my city and I always want to come back to it, even though I would love to travel some more.

What’s your favourite thing about living in Stockholm?
The fresh air, the closeness to everything. The socialistic history and DNA of Sweden. It's a pretty simple and easy life living in Stockholm. In comparison to so many other cities. I'm very grateful for having Stockholm being my home.

What’s your favourite place or neighbourhood to hang out in the winter months in Stockholm?
That would be Södermalm. Or if I would be interested in winter outdoorsy things, (which I wish I was living in Sweden and all..) I would say Hellasgården in Nacka. It's an absolutely gorgeous place for skating on the lake and drinking hot chocolate (it's gorgeous during the summer time as well btw).

If you had a tourist friend visiting the city for one weekend, what would you recommend? 
To come train with me at the gym for sure. Then dinner and drinks in the city, to get some nightlife energy swell. The day after I would take my guest to Hellasgården to get some fresh air, a walk around the lake and then have lunch at the newly remodelled and reconceived Storstugan, that some friends just bought.

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