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The best days to take annual leave in 2020

2020 is fast approaching and if you’re anything like us you’re already eagerly planning your next travel adventure. Let’s face it, however much you love your job it’s important to break up those long stretches on the 9-5 treadmill with a well-deserved holiday or two.
Sadly, holidays rarely seem to last long enough before you’re back in the office wondering if it was all just a dream. Well, what if we said you could more than DOUBLE your annual leave in 2020?
Incredibly, we’re not having you on, you really can enjoy 60 days of holiday next year, all it takes is some careful planning. The trick is to book strategically, making sure you take full advantage of bank holidays.
Follow the below guide and you can extend 28 days of holiday across 60 days. Which is means you can fulfil your professional obligations and squeeze loads of travel adventure into 2020. It’s a hell of a trick!


14 Day Holiday:

23rd December – 5th January. 7 days of annual leave / 7 extra days including Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and two weekends.
It’s not too late! Why not wrap up warm and head for the wintery climes of Scandinavia for Christmas and the New Year? Generator Copenhagen and Stockholm offer stylish but affordable accommodation in Scandinavia’s most fashionable cities.

APRIL 2020

11 Day Holiday:

9th April – 19th April. 5 days of annual leave / 6 days extra including Good Friday (10th April), Easter Monday (13th April) and two weekends.
Grab 11 days of holiday in April and head to the Spain for some early-Spring sun. Generator offers fun, design-led accommodation in both Madrid and Barcelona.

MAY 2020

18 Day Holiday:

8th May – 25th May. 10 days of annual leave / 8 days extra including Early May Bank Holiday (8th May), Spring Bank Holiday (25th May) and three weekends.
Summer’s nearly here so head to Miami before it gets stupidly hot and embrace the Magic City’s beach by day, party by night lifestyle. Generator’s first U.S. property couldn’t be better located – just 100 feet from the beach in the heart of South Beach.



9 Day Holiday:

29th August – 6th September. 4 days of annual leave / 5 days extra including Summer Bank Holiday (31st August) and two weekends.
How about seeing off a long hot summer in Rome, Italy’s enchanting capital city? Generator’s city centre property puts you in the scenic heart of this historic but eternally vibrant city.



8 Day Holiday:

28th December – 4th January. 2 days of annual leave / 6 days extra including Christmas Day (25th December), Boxing Day (26th December), Boxing Day Bank Holiday (28th December), New Year’s Day (1st January) and two weekends.
Finally, where better to end an amazing year of travel than Dublin? The atmospheric Irish capital is at its cosy best during the festive season and New Year’s Eve in Dublin is bound to be a good craic! Generator Dublin offers a fun, sociable place to stay in the heart of the city.