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Three great places to eat on a budget


Just because you're a traveller in Copenhagen doesn't mean you have to starve.

Copenhagen’s an expensive place to eat but, obviously, that doesn’t meant you and your friends will have to starve – your faces pressed against the darkened windows of Noma, lusting with your final breath for their edible flowers and poached Dodo eggs. We’re here to sort you out. If you’re on a budget, keep these eateries in mind.

Hot Dogs

Copenhagen is not famous for its junk food, but it does do a good line in Hot Dogs or Pølse. You will find a stand on almost every corner and most serve appetizing food at budget prices. These are not the over processed junk you would normally expect; the sausages are real sausages and you can swap the bun for something more healthy. Particular ones to note include those at Tivoli Gardens, the Organic Hot-dog stand at the Round Tower (DOP for short) and Harry’s Place which is on the outskirts of the Norrebro district and has been endorsed by two former prime ministers! Typical prices are around 30kr.


Gorm's Magstraede

This is a little known Italian restaurant tucked away on a side street not far from the Gammel Strand. The menu is not extensive and mostly consists of pizza and antipasti, so you are not in for a gourmet meal. What you do get, though, is a tasty pizza at an affordable price served by very helpful waiting staff. If you can splash out a bit more they also have a wide selection of red and white wine and some delicious traditional Italian desserts. Expect to pay about 90kr for a pizza and around 50kr for a snack or they do a buffet menu for just over 200kr per person.

Gorm's Magstraede, Magstræde 16, 1204, Copenhagen



Located on Kompagnistræde, near Stroget, RizRaz is right in the centre of Copenhagen. Their speciality is Turkish/Greek/Mediterranean style food served as a lavish vegetarian buffet with warm and cold dishes. You can pay as little as 159kr and get as much food as you can eat; just the thing for starving tourists in the very expensive Danish capital. Drinks are not included in the buffet price but otherwise this is extremely good value for money. If you are a meat lover don’t be put off as the dishes are delicious and you can also order a steak or meat skewer to accompany your salads.

RizRaz, Store Kannikestræde 19, 1169 Copenhagen