What to do in Berlin

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Artists, ravers, musicians and thrill-seekers say hallo to the techno capital of the world where the people never sleep and the clubs never close! 

Party heads can dance to the beat of top DJs from Monday till Sunday, so dress in black and sharpen your moves because there are plenty of clubs blasting techno all night long. To experience the OG of techno raving, get in line for the infamous Berghain and dance the night away.

Feeling hungry after all that bouncing around? Say no more - there’s more on Berlin’s menu than Schnitzel and Kartoffeln. Head to Kreuzberg for hip cafes, bars and street food or, as the experts recommend, have the best döner kebab you’ll ever taste.

Oh, you meant food for thought! Well, in that case, the list is even longer - check out Berlin’s art scene, museums, street art, and snap the obligatory pic in front of the Berlin Wall!


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