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Generator Squad: Nicholas Scalabrino's Venice Freefall


Meet Nicholas Scalabrino, a professional skydiving instructor and the adventurous soul behind breathtaking Insta moments; now, as a proud brand ambassador for Generator, he talks about the unparalleled magic of his fafourite city. 

What does your job involve?
I jump out of planes for a living as a skydiving instructor

How did you become a brand ambassador for Generator, and what inspired you to take on this role?
I got in with Generator through some mutual friends. Have you seen their Insta? It’s not just an accommodation, it’s a destination in itself!

What is your favourite city and what makes it different from any other places you've visited?
Venice is unparalleled in its distinctiveness. Beyond its iconic waterways, there's a dynamic interplay between the energetic tourist hubs and the quaint local establishments tucked away in its labyrinthine alleys.

What's the most picturesque spot in Venice for taking photos?
Almost every street in Venice offers an architectural marvel as a backdrop. If you really want that jaw-dropping backdrop, snap a pic inside the Church of Santa Maria Assunta.

Could you share a local travel tip or hidden gem in Venice that most tourists might not know about?
For the best Venice photos, rise and shine early and capture the city without the touristy crowd.


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